Is Herpes Curable II (Yes!)

Wow! What a few weeks this has been! Trying to find the cure for herpes is like some mythical voyage – but the good news is yes, herpes most deffo IS curable!

I cured mine!

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’ve been both advocating that the idea of herpes not being curable is plain silly, because just like dozens of other viruses you carry ‘for life’, curing just means getting rid of the symptoms and living a normal life again.  However I’ve also been looking for the very best way of doing that, the cure for herpes!

It hasn’t been plain sailing I can tell you! The amoung of garbage on the internet is just annoying, plus wading through Pubmed and Wikipedia articles, which may be “authorative” but they’re written in unintelligible gibberish.

Not to mention every freaking website I go to now, has adverts for herpes cream and herpes drugs. I swear they’re following me or something. It’s creepy. Leave me alone you freaks!

ANYWAY… I’ve been spending way too much money, not to mention time, digging through the various herpes home cures ebooks and stuff. There’s a lot of them.

Herpes Home Cure Ebooks – are they any good?

The first thing I noticed with ALL of them, is they spend ages blathering on about what herpes is.

Yes, thanks. I know what it is, really I do. About the cure thing?

The second thing I discovered is that buying an ebook isn’t the simple process it used to be. At first I was like “Yeah, whatever” and signing up for all these email lists. Bad mistake, I was getting at least 3 or 4 emails about herpes every day. Urgh. I mean, it’s just an annoying (and sometimes painful) skin infection, it’s not my life’s passion, OK?

One of these ebooks cost me 50 freakin’ bux, OK, $49.95, and I swear all they did was rewrite the usual bland lecturing from wikepedia. Much of it was in Latin, which is very impressive but didn’t really help.

I also ended up plastering myself with various oatmeal packs, one of which actually seemed to make things worse. Thanks!

(I hoped that maybe the reaction meant it was doing something. Yeah, it was doing something, making it sore!)

New rule OK – don’t put hot honey on herpes, it does NOT work.

There’s one guide that I keep going back to though. Initially I hated it, because of all the hoops I had to jump through to buy the thing. Having done the credit card stuff I had to watch some video, about a monthly magazine thing. No thank you. Then some ‘upsell’ to join their library. No THANK you. Then ANOTHER video about something else – but by this time I’d figured out you can just hit the big red ‘No’ button!

Why make life so difficult? I just want a proper guide on curing herpes OK?

I don’t want to buy every other book you ever published.

One thing that appealed to me strongly was that they point out that any herpes drugs, that is to say antiviral drugs, will lose their effect over time. That’s very true. In fact often your own body’s immune system is doing the work after awhile, because your herpes is now immune to those drugs.

It may already be immune before you caught it!

So what I really wanted was to discover just how to cure or suppress the darn thing without drugs, creams – and certainly no more oatmeal packs, thankyouverymuch.

I was expecting it to drone on about getting a good night’s sleep (ha!) and the usual lectures but actually, once you get past the ‘here’s what herpes actually is’ stuff, it’s pretty good.

It’s called “The 72 hour prescription free herpes outbreak at home remedy’, which is the most mealy-mouthed title I ever saw. It’s only about 40 pages or so and as it starts often describing what herpes is, same as they all do, I kept putting it aside.

But then I kept going back to it, because if it worked it’s exactly what I wanted, right?

Guess what?

Once you get past all the videos and upsells (do you want to join our library? No!) and yep, the usual ‘Herpes is..” stuff, there’s some seriously useful and meaty info in there.

I’ll paste how it starts:

“This  little book  is packed with all  the information you need  to get back  in control. You
will  find  information  about  herpes œ  the virus  that  causes  it,  the way  it  can spread,  the
typical symptoms,  tips on preventing infection amongst your near and dear ones as well
as  some very useful  information on  treatment, both by modern medicine as well as by
natural remedies. You will also find some useful tips on the appropriate nutrition that
assists in recovery.

So make yourself some hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair and read on…”

Sounds boring as dishwater, so I didn’t make any chocolate and kept surfing the net, signing up for emails and buying more ebooks.. I have 6 of the things now :)

Anyway, like I say, finally decided to sit down and read this thing.

Wowsa! Lemme paste another bit:

“These viruses are identical under the microscope and either of them can cause oral
or genital sores. However, it has been found that HSV-1 generally attacks above the waist and
HSV-2 attacks bellow the waist.”

That’s EXACTLY what I said in my earlier blog comments – it’s the same thing! There’s no difference between herpes type 1 or herpes type 2. Ha! I like this book already…

Reading further in I found that not only does it give a clear and concise guide to herpes itself (in a lot more detail that I managed on this website, despite a lot of researching) but yes, it gives the cure!

More than one herpes cure in fact.

One type of herb/oil treatment does EXACTLY what I was after, and you too I’m sure – it makes herpes curable by stopping it starting in the first place. I’ve already tried it, after feeling some tingling and yep, cured it. The tingling stopped, nothing else happened!

It’s been over a week now and all symptoms are gone, all itching and tingling are gone, my skin is completely clear.

I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of this and other treatents it describes later – but really, I don’t think I need to. I’ve already cured the thing :) You on the other hand need this info, so I’ll scribble something up.

One thing I will mention now, avoid foods rich in arginine. I don’t know what that is either but I’ll find out. :)

Here’s the book, and at just under 20 bux you can’t go wrong. This is exactly what I was looking for when I started this site:

Herpes book

I strongly DO recommend this. However I cannot recommend the ‘join our library’ stuff. It’s worth jumping through all the hoops to get the book itself though. I can’t copy everything it says but I certainly can point you at it.

I think it’s a shame the publishing company (Bartons) has all those upsells, as it distracts from this book. Say no to everything else but get this book now, it’s a lifesaver!

Symptoms of Herpes for Women

Although I’ve turned off comments (just getting silly stuff) I have already gotten a few emails, with 3 of them about symptoms of herpes for women in particular.

Well I’ve already created a page about symptoms for herpes and it should pretty much cover it really.

What, if anything, is going to be different about women’s herpes symptoms?

The only things that are going to be different are the things that make women different from men. Both can get cold sores around the mouth, both can get the same kind of sores around the anus, the only other thing is that the genitals aren’t the same – but both can get genital herpes.

Herpes in the mouth… so..?

Yes, there are a few cases of people developing herpes sores inside the mouth, rather than on the lips. So does that mean the fairer sex may get them inside… you know, there?

Well the good news is that if you have a sore patch in there, it’s probably just that, a sore patch, from excessive rubbing of some sort. Most commonly this occurs via a circumcised partner (the uncircumcised penis rolls back and forth within its own covering, reducing the friction considerably).

Clear - or is she?

More good news is that just like the mouth, that particular place – what am I, shy? OK, the vagina, like the mouth, is pretty fast at healing. It’s actually quite rare, according to the literature, for herpes sores to occur within.

It can happen, and obviously it’s not a practical spot for applying ointment. Valtrax Oral may be your only option.

Generally though, the biggest difference in symptoms of herpes for women is going to be the fact that women are usually armed with make-up, meaning they may be able to hide it! It’s highly unlikely though, as both men and women are usually nice people :)

Few people of either sex are going to trap you into it on purpose, most infections are entirely innocent mistakes by people who were unaware they had herpes until too late.